Cape Gable Wines

Dirk Tredoux has an extensive history of winemaking and has worked at esteemed wine estates during the course of his careers such as Asara, Jordan, Vrede en Lust, Armani, D’Aria and Morgenhof. During his experience working at the above-mentioned wine estates, Dirk was involved in producing numerous award-winning wines. His attention to detail will ensure that the Cape Gables wines retain their consistency and reach new heights. Dirk’s interest in winemaking started as a child growing up in the Winelands. His passion for wine evolved while he was living abroad in Europe and California. After moving back to South Africa, he completed his studies in winemaking at Elsenburg. He believes that the quality of each wine stems from the quality of the grapes and, therefore, works closely in a team with viticulture, to start shaping the desired wine in the vineyards. Dirk believes in attention to detail in bringing out the best characteristics of the current vintage and improving on previous years.

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